Friday, November 28, 2008

Horse Ride

Some of our neighbors like to ride their horses through the neighborhood. We took Malachi out too see the horses the other day. My video was running low on batteries so I didn't get much. He thought they were pretty funny.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I want my baby back...

Poor Malachi. He is not doing much better yet. I just took his temperature about an hour ago. 102.5. Gave him more tyl and motrin. He has got to be sick of medicine. He has had his 2nd dose of the new antibiotic so maybe things will be looking up soon. I just want my happy baby back. He is trying so hard. He must feel awful. He does crack us a half smile every once in a while. The little red bags under his eyes are just pitiful.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

103.6 degrees

Goop from the eyes, crud from the nose...these are the things that I have been dealing with. Malachi went to the doctor for the second time in 2 weeks yesterday. Apparently the first antibiotic did not do the trick. He has full blown ear and eye infection. Last night around midnight I discovered that he was burning up...103.6 temperature. We striped him down gave him a luke warm bath, which he loved (not). Gave him Tylenol and Motrin (per Heather) Poor Heather, She is our go to person in the middle of the night. Its not like she has her own FOUR children to deal with. She also has Marc and I calling for advice at an ungodly hour. I called the doctor again this morning beacuse he cannot keep the amoxicillin down. Yes we have also had to deal with projectile vomit. Hopefully he will be able to keep the new medicine down. I am waiting until he eats well before I give it to him. Fuss fuss fuss. OK I have to get back to my baby. Poor kid.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Marc Benjamin Dewberry is turning 26 today. Only 4 years away from 30! ahhhhh! Getting old is funny. You dont realize your getting old and then one day it hits you. It happen to me last night. We went to visit Simone at college. She is cheering at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. I was looking around at all of the students and found myself saying how young they looked. They seriously looked like freshmen in highschool. I know that they only looked like this because I am getting OLD! Oh well, what can you do. College was a lot of fun, but it is only for a season. I do not wish to go back. Anyhow, I am off on a tangent. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC! I LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, tis the season. I found a cool website (thanks to one of my friends). You can put everything that you want for christmas from any website that you want. I have created a wish list for our family Of course these are just ideas for everyone to go on. On a side note, Marc and I were driving to a friends house on Sunday night and there was a house with Christmas lights already up! Wow, that has got to be the earliest I have ever seen lights up.

Monday, November 3, 2008

VOTE! (for Malachi)

Our county (Bartow) Is doing a beautiful baby contest. Malachi has been entered and he needs your votes! He will win cool prizes such as a target gift card, a photography session, and much more! He will also be featured on the cover of our county's magazine. If you could take a second and fill out the form on this website:
You have to pick one baby for every category. Write the category and the baby name in the comments section at the bottom of the page. There are 8 different categories. You can choose the same baby for different categories. If you want to only vote for Malachi in his categories he is in:
Cutest Smile - Malachi G
Sweetest Cheeks - Malachi G
Funniest Expression - Malachi G
You can just copy and past this into the comments section if you like. If you have multiple emails you could vote twice :) Please forward this website to anyone that Knows Malachi!!!

Malachi's friend Kipton is also in the contest, if you could throw him a vote as well (or you could pick your own)
Cutest Dimples - Kipton N.
Prettiest Eyes - Kipton N.
Ha ha, This is appropriate since tomorrow is election day...pray for our country! Get out and vote...every one counts.