Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blessed with more than enough!

Christmas is officially over and Marc is putting together his I pod speakers as we speak (thanks mom). I can't help but be overwhelmed with the amount of gifts that we got this year. Malachi has enough toys to last an entire year. God has truly blessed our family in more ways that I could ever imagine. Not so much the gifts this year as it is spending time with our families. Marc and I are truly blessed to have a large, loving family on both sides. We are blessed to have a family of our own now. I simply do not know how we used to live without our Malachi. We just got done putting him down for the night a little bit ago. We just stand there and stare, Marc whispers "I love him." It makes my heart melt. What a blessing Malachi has been to our lives. There is nothing like Christmas to remind you of what really matters in Thank you Lord for the things that you have given us, Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

Malachi cut both of his teeth last week. We have had an enjoyable time with this whole teething thing. I was so happy to finally see the things that have been causing grief. Hopefully Malachi will choose to be a good little boy and not bite mommy while breast feeding! Malachi had his 6 month pictures done. He was actually 7 months, but we had to re-schedule twice becuase he was sick. Here is the link

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cookie Swap Hell...

Our church held there annual cookie swap yesterday. I was so excited this year, I was not going to try and do some fancy, nasty tasting cookie. I got Grandma Dell's good old fashion Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. How hard can it be, right? Wrong. I decided to make the dough the night before so that I could go to church and just come home make the cookies and be at the swap at 3. Well I got home and put in my first batch of cookies. To my dismay they came out looking like this...

Flat as an ironing board! I kept looking at my cookies and looking at the recipe. I had doubled the recipe so I thought that maybe I had put too much butter. I thought maybe I cooked them too long??? So, I cooked another batch...that turned out exactly the same. Then it dawned on me. I had used baking soda instead of baking powder!

It is amazing that 1tsp of something can ruin and entire batch of cookies! I was so mad. I tried adding baking powder to my dough and re-cooking them. That did not work. I was forced to make an entire new batch of cookies. I only had semi-sweet morsels for the second batch so they weren't as tasty, but at least I was going to the cookie swap with cookies. 30 minutes late and all.

I did save the cookie dough from the first batch because the cookies did taste great, they just didn't rise, lol. There were a lot of great cookies at the swap this year. I had a great time despite my occurrences earlier in the day.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Horse Ride

Some of our neighbors like to ride their horses through the neighborhood. We took Malachi out too see the horses the other day. My video was running low on batteries so I didn't get much. He thought they were pretty funny.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I want my baby back...

Poor Malachi. He is not doing much better yet. I just took his temperature about an hour ago. 102.5. Gave him more tyl and motrin. He has got to be sick of medicine. He has had his 2nd dose of the new antibiotic so maybe things will be looking up soon. I just want my happy baby back. He is trying so hard. He must feel awful. He does crack us a half smile every once in a while. The little red bags under his eyes are just pitiful.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

103.6 degrees

Goop from the eyes, crud from the nose...these are the things that I have been dealing with. Malachi went to the doctor for the second time in 2 weeks yesterday. Apparently the first antibiotic did not do the trick. He has full blown ear and eye infection. Last night around midnight I discovered that he was burning up...103.6 temperature. We striped him down gave him a luke warm bath, which he loved (not). Gave him Tylenol and Motrin (per Heather) Poor Heather, She is our go to person in the middle of the night. Its not like she has her own FOUR children to deal with. She also has Marc and I calling for advice at an ungodly hour. I called the doctor again this morning beacuse he cannot keep the amoxicillin down. Yes we have also had to deal with projectile vomit. Hopefully he will be able to keep the new medicine down. I am waiting until he eats well before I give it to him. Fuss fuss fuss. OK I have to get back to my baby. Poor kid.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Marc Benjamin Dewberry is turning 26 today. Only 4 years away from 30! ahhhhh! Getting old is funny. You dont realize your getting old and then one day it hits you. It happen to me last night. We went to visit Simone at college. She is cheering at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. I was looking around at all of the students and found myself saying how young they looked. They seriously looked like freshmen in highschool. I know that they only looked like this because I am getting OLD! Oh well, what can you do. College was a lot of fun, but it is only for a season. I do not wish to go back. Anyhow, I am off on a tangent. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC! I LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, tis the season. I found a cool website (thanks to one of my friends). You can put everything that you want for christmas from any website that you want. I have created a wish list for our family Of course these are just ideas for everyone to go on. On a side note, Marc and I were driving to a friends house on Sunday night and there was a house with Christmas lights already up! Wow, that has got to be the earliest I have ever seen lights up.

Monday, November 3, 2008

VOTE! (for Malachi)

Our county (Bartow) Is doing a beautiful baby contest. Malachi has been entered and he needs your votes! He will win cool prizes such as a target gift card, a photography session, and much more! He will also be featured on the cover of our county's magazine. If you could take a second and fill out the form on this website:
You have to pick one baby for every category. Write the category and the baby name in the comments section at the bottom of the page. There are 8 different categories. You can choose the same baby for different categories. If you want to only vote for Malachi in his categories he is in:
Cutest Smile - Malachi G
Sweetest Cheeks - Malachi G
Funniest Expression - Malachi G
You can just copy and past this into the comments section if you like. If you have multiple emails you could vote twice :) Please forward this website to anyone that Knows Malachi!!!

Malachi's friend Kipton is also in the contest, if you could throw him a vote as well (or you could pick your own)
Cutest Dimples - Kipton N.
Prettiest Eyes - Kipton N.
Ha ha, This is appropriate since tomorrow is election day...pray for our country! Get out and vote...every one counts.

Friday, October 31, 2008

"Candy Gathering"

Tonight was Malachi's first Halloween. As Marc says "We do not participate in sataninstic trick or treating, we participate in candy gathering." We dressed him up as Charlie Brown and walked around Nana Sue and Papa D's neighborhood with his 6 cousins. He lasted about 20 minutes. It was a little chilly and past his bed time. We got some good pictures of the kids though. Micah and Jonathon were Iron Man. Laura and Jessi were Barbie princesses and little Jase was a lion. It was so cute.

Marc and I went to a 70's wedding theme Halloween party last week. I wore my mom's bridesmaid dress from the 70's and Marc wore a polyester suit. It was a murder mystery party which we had to figure out who killed the bride. It was a lot of fun. Marc's character "Ken Kruger" used to be in love with the bride. He introduced his friend (the groom) to the bride and they ended up falling in love. So, he no longer trusts women and is a womanizer. He had women hitting on him all night, it was funny. I was the sister to the bride who had always been in her shadows. My parents loved her more than me and was going to leave the entire inheritance to her. My character "Gina Giovanni" had a lot of motive, but I was not the killer. :( We had a blast.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pheonix airport

Well, we are sitting in the Pheonix airport. This is the first time I have been able to blog. We have been at a Vacation Rental Managers Convention for the past 4 days. A lot has happened and I will be back on soon with pictures as soon as I get home. I can't wait to hold my baby Malachi. I miss him. Emily and Mimi have been watching him while we were gone. Thanks! Well, I have to go and console my husband who hates to fly...

Friday, October 17, 2008

6 Months Old!

Happy 6 month birthday Malachi!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gatlinburg Cabins

My apologies...I have my reasons!

Playing off of Angela a bit...

Gatlinburg Tennessee is at its finest during the month of October. I do not have the words to properly describe fall foliage, but man, it is awesome! There is something special about football, cool brisk air and beautiful mountain views. I know most people reading this is family and has the oppurtunity to visit with Jess and I, but everyone needs to make a stop in Gatlinburg during every October (At least make the short drive to North Georgia).

Working for a cabin rental company can be very bitter sweet during October. The second busiest month is not a good month to travel. So, the best time to visit for anyone, is actually the worst time to visit. I do not like making day trips (I do this for pictures and such..), but I don't mind as much during October. It is very refreshing driving though the mountains with about a billion other people...HAHA!

Anyway, not that it matters, to view our Gatlinburg Cabins!

Listen, if you are going to comment on this article make sure you are positive and you leave a link to us!

If anyone wants to do the same on their own blog, contact me at 1-800-Amazing (that is what Jess calls me)! It is actually very beneficial to us!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Be a fly on the wall... the Dewberry home...yes folks, this is really what happens. (turn the volume up to hear)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

GO Rachel GO!!!

Malachi and I went to Rachel's Cross Country meet this week at Dilinger Park in Cartersville. I am so proud of my little Rachel. We all had bets of how long she would last on the cross country team at her school. Not only is she still going strong, she came in the top 20 girls at her last meet! I know that I could not run 3 miles like she does. Crazy people. Love you Rachel.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


OK. so I need a moment to vent. Malachi went to sleep last night at 7pm... up last night at 8pm, 10:30pm, midnight, 1:30am, 3:00am until 3:45am, 5:30am, 7:00am and up and 8am. I dont know what went wrong. What is this? Teething, growth spurt? I had to force/trick him into eating only 3oz this morning before his nap at 10. fussy, not sleeping, not eating. I guess this is teething. Jeez...ok I just had to vent. I feel better, but I still need a nap!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Singing with mommy

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sweet Boy!

I finally got to meet Malachi's newest cousin last night. Justin is beautiful. Malachi looks like a giant next to him, but I am sure that Justin will be catching up quite soon. I think Malachi's thigh is as big as Justin's head. They are almost exactly 5 months apart. Unfortunately they will be in different grades. It's hard to remember Malachi being that small. They grow up so fast.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I can't wait to meet baby Justin!

Nothing much is going on around here. Everything that is exciting can be found on My sister-in-law's blog (Arwood adventures). Baby Justin has finally come home from the NICU. The Arwood's are so blessed to have such a large family. Growing up in a big family is an adventure every day. I love the fact that there is always someone to talk to, always someone at home.

Malachi went to the doctor on Tuesday. He did all of his tricks for the nurse, rolling over, smiling, holding objects, sitting up with help... They can't ever figure out why 2 small people would have such a large baby. He weighed in at 17lbs and 13oz. 26inches long. 75th percentile for height and weight. His large head is 44cm around. She did not compare that to anything, so I actually do not know if that is large compared to other babies. It sure does look big though. lol. He has started teething. He shoves things in his mouth and grunts really loud. It is no fun. I made sure with the nurse that keeping tylenol in his system at all times was ok. She assured me by stating that she thought that her daughter might have to have a liver transplant after their teething episode. I guess she gave her a lot of Tylenol! One thing that I love is the teether that you can put food into. It is a little mesh bag with a handle that he can hold. I put cold watermelon in it and he chews on that thing for 45 minutes. We have tried pears and carrots also. He likes them all.

We went out and bought a big boy car seat. He loves it. It was time for the change. He falls asleep faster in the new seat than he did in his tiny baby seat. Lugging around that baby carrier with a 17lb baby is no fun.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What an exciting vacation

Well...I have been unable to blog since the first day of vacation due to the internet being out. The power went out early Saturday morning, along with the cable and internet. (and did I mention that the air conditioner went out as well?) This is the story...

Early Saturday morning, around 3:30 a.m. something woke me up. I turned to Marc and said "I think that the power went out." He said, "No the power did not go out."

"Well, Maybe I just heard the air conditioner turn off. But, the lights went out, and I had the bathroom light on. Maybe you should go check the breaker. Did you lock the downstairs door?"

"Yes, I locked the downstairs door, go the sleep."

"It is going to be really hot in the morning if you don't..."

We were interrupted by Josh opening our bedroom door, "You need to call 911!" Josh said.

Marc said, "Why?"

"Just come look..."

I jumped out of the bed and called 911 even though I had no idea what I was going to say to the operator on the other line, because I had no idea what was going on. I just heard, "call 911."

Marc comes running back into the room and says, "Call 911 the transformer exploded and there is a fire."

Since it was 3:30 in the morning and my brain wasn't working all that properly I heard..."Call 911 the transformer is bleeding and there is a fire." So, I had to ask Marc to repeat himself.

I told the operator of the fire that I had not yet seen. You will see from the video what went down after that. Luckily none of the babies woke up during this fiasco. Thank goodness the power company restored power around 6:00am. We were still without cable and internet until about 5 pm.

It was all very exciting and thankfully we were there to man the fire. The transformer exploded again on Monday night when we were all trying to get ready to take pictures on the beach. The power company restored power by the time we had gotten home from eating out at Sea n Suds. We all said a little prayer that we would not have to be packing in the dark.

We had such an awesome time with our friends the Mayfield's and the Wright's. We wouldn't trade our time with them for anything! The beach was beautiful and we cannot wait until our next excursion!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike did not ruin our vacation!

Ike had us all worried that we were not going to be able to come to the beach this weekend. The hurricane took a turn towards Texas and we are here! The storm surge has caused the water to rise almost to the walk-way. We are enjoying our time here at the beach house. Special thank you to grandma and papa John for providing such awesome accomodations. The boys could not resist the urge to go and play in the waves (sorry Dennis). We only had one injury. Adam got a cramp in his leg. Other than that, the boys are safely inside playing x-box while the babies take a rest. Kipton is enjoying his first beach vacation, while Malachi is getting used to the water again. The weather is beautiful and we are all having a relaxing time!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Malachi and Daddy are enjoying their new trick. He has always had strong legs...wanting to stand all the time. I can only imagine what must be going through Malachi's little head. I told Marc that he better do it while he can. I am afraid that as soon as Malachi figures out what is really going on it might scare him. Or he may just be used to his dad's silly ways and not be scared at all. I would hope for the latter. Of course I wouldn't want him to be totally fearless though. I can only imagine all of the trips to the emergency room I might have if he is.

Malachi had his first sit down dinner yesterday. He ate about 2 tablespoons of rice cereal from a spoon. He made several silly faces of disgust at first. He seemed to like it after the first few bites.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tractor Ride

Malachi got his first ride on a tractor today. Our neighbor so graciously came over and tilled the dirt where we are putting our brick patio. Sometimes it pays to live out in the country. What would have probably taken Marc 2 days to accomplish this guy did in about 15 minutes. Now all that has to be done is leveling it out and putting the brick down. I added some video of Malachi laughing at the end. He is growing up so fast. He held his own bottle today, it was cute.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

From the Bassinet to the Crib

Well, last night was Malachi's first full night in his crib. Due to the fact that Heather is going to need her bassinet back (thank you for letting me borrow it) in a few days, Malachi is converting to the crib. I guess it is time considering he is 4 1/2 months old and weighs 16 lbs. Or maybe the fact that he could grip his fingers and toes on the edges of the bassinet at the same time. I was only delaying for myself. Waking up many times in the night to breast feed with him right by my side. Well, I was wrong. He loved his crib. Waking up only twice to eat (down from 5-6 times). I guess that he was trying to tell me that he was uncomfortable in his tiny bassinet. It was bitter sweet not having him in the room with me last night, but I am so happy to get some more sleep.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a Weekend continued...

This is just more photos...

What a Weekend!

Ok, so Jessica and I had a great weekend. My dad, Zack, Josh, Adam and myself all contributed to the building of the deck (Heather loves guys with big decks). We finished our steps. Best of all we had our baby, Malachi, dedicated in our church Graceland...aka...the Land of Grace. We just want to thank everyone who came to the dedication and everyone who helped with deck. I have listed a few pictures for your enjoyment...and ours! As always, comments are appreciated.